Shattered Semblance

Shattered (noun) – “broken into many pieces”

Semblance (noun) – “the outward appearance or apparent form of something, especially when the reality is different”

Shattered Semblance is an up-and-coming band with a flair for dark lyrics, grand orchestrations, and all things rock. Formed through a virtual collaboration between Johnny Kopp and Ashley Jana, this modern and unconventional act is turning heads as they begin to unleash their uniquely raw and unfiltered style of music onto the music industry!

Johnny and Ashley have at one point or another used their darkest moments and most intimidating struggles as a creative muse, using their inner battles to inspire others with similar struggles. With this in mind, it is not surprising that Johnny and Ashley first came together as a result of the raging COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying mental health crisis that it has caused. Finding each other through a music collaboration website during the height of lockdown and isolation, Johnny and Ashley quickly realized that they share a common story of lifelong struggles with mental health and a passion for speaking outwardly about those issues through music.

The result is a band that is unconventional, daring, and bold, in the sense that they are not afraid to make music that dives deep into dark and challenging topics such as depression, anxiety, and fear. Together, Shattered Semblance hopes that their distinctly introspective and grandiose style of rock will inspire others to overcome their inner demons and help free listeners from inside their own heads.

Currently, Shattered Semblance is preparing for the release of their debut album, Why Is Everyone Staring, which features the popular single and title track, “Why Is Everyone Staring” As they continue to collaborate and record an album together entirely online, Shattered Semblance is excited to continue growing closer as a band and pushing the boundaries of their unique collaboration!